SPONSORING THE TOURNAMENT The Tournament survive and thrive on sponsorship money and donations. We use these vital funds to supply the players and the officials with food and water, Tshirts, a medical team and all the logistics ad administration necessary to run such event. The event, which attracts both top Kenyans and international players, exhibited 40 teams including Tanzania, Swaziland and the UK as well as teams from Nairobi, Nanyuki, Naivasha, Kijabi, Mombasa, Malindi and Diani. Age bracket is +21 and 50+ in age Rugby players with a large group of sportive supporters. Our aim for the 2018 edition is to enter the International circuit thus enabling us to get a wider international attendance for the event and our country. We strongly believe Kenya can make the International calendar in the coming months and we need all your invaluable support to add the exciting game of Touch Rugby to the East Africa Rugby fraternity. The Diani Beach Touch Rugby is a great communication platform for dynamic brands targeting a young, sportive and active audience. Would you like to come on board? Please contact Payal +254 733 411 110 - payalshah@dianibeachaccommodation.com Download our sponsorship proposal OUR ACTIONS During the last Events the organizers managed to raise funds to build a gym plus equipment weights for South Coast Pirates. AGE GRADE PROGRAM Supported by the Rugby Patron Society, their mission is to engage with underprivileged children to give them something positive to focus on and to identify and nurture talent at an early age, maintain focus, develop rugby skills and prevent indulgence in drugs and/or the possibility of becoming street children. Up to date the Diani Beach Touch Rugby has raised KES 1M for this worthy cause. SOUTH COAST PIRATES RC A new Rugby Club called and formed by the serious players from the Diani, Ukunda area. The players developed their initial skills from the Diani Beach Touch Rugby tournament over the last few years, organized by George Barbour of Forty Thieves Beach Bar. These young players have been requesting for a more formal approach to the 15 a side full contact game, and with their enthusiasm and that of rugby coach David Nolan, it has now materialized and we hope that it will become one of the top Rugby Clubs of the future. Many of these keen players are young and of very limited means and need all the help and encouragement that we can find, both in skilled training and financial support. Their base is the ST Josephy Catholic School Ukunda which was upgraded and brought up to a satisfactory level so as to be usable for future serious rugby and soccer games for the benefit of all. In February 2015, and after 2 years playing together only, they were crowned Coast League Champions and are now looking towards the Kenya Cup. SUPPORT THE SOUTH COAST PIRATES Become a Club member, subscribe to the newsletter, make a donation: CONTACT info@southcoastpirates.com - www.southcoastpirates.com SCPA AIMS The principal aim of JRAK is to introduce the game of rugby to schools in the Ukunda area and wider Kwale County on Kenya’s South Coast. At present school boy rugby is disorganized, underfunded and confined to less than half a dozen schools in the county. The schools that do coach rugby do not have access to quality coaching, have no kit and very poor playing surfaces. The best performing clubs and national sides have identified that focusing on age grade rugby is key to the club or country’s future successes. JRAK aims to teach the 14-18 age group the basic rules of the game and fundamental skills in order to be able to graduate into the Pirates squad. JRAK also aims to promote playing members from within the South Coast Pirates club by instructing them to be coaches. JRAK not only aims to raise the awareness of rugby in the community but will be used to promote awareness on social issues such as sexual health, drugs/alchohol abuse and child abuse."Coach David Nolan" SUPPORT THE SCPA AND THE SCHOOL PROGRAMS CONTACT info@southcoastpirates.com - www.southcoastpirates.com