The idea of starting a properly organized touch rugby game played basically to the FIT (Federation of International Touch) rules came to me when I was asked to referee a type of social touch rugby during Diani Rules many years ago. This is a fun sporting weekend held annually on the beach to raise money for Diani Charities. I talked to a few of my rugby contacts who all thought it a great idea. The proof of it’s success is that this year will be our seventh tournament, the last two we have had 28 teams from all over East Africa. From this tournament we have now set up a rugby club called “South Coast Pirates Rugby Club” who play full contact rugby in the Coast League and at present are top. Over the years the standard of play has improved immensely it has gone from the stop start type game to a fast flowing spectacle, in the years to come it can only improve. We cannot increases the number of teams without a major rethink and increase in pitches which on a beach when working against the tides requires a major reorganization and into expensive lighting options . The best way is to keep teams the same numbers and improve the standards, I would like to host an International Touch Tournament here as well as a more social event, probably a schools event as well. Next year in January 2016 I hope to organize a 5 a side full contact event on the beach. Our events are open to everybody whether club, pub or just a bunch of folk who would like to play touch and have a social weekend on the one of the most beautiful beaches in the world with friendly fun loving people. Come one, come all, whether you play or not, this is one of the most entertaining fun weekends of the year, watch, relax or swim in the warm blue waters of Diani Beach, South Coast, Kenya, walk on the snow white sand, dance the night away at “Forty Thieves” enjoy, enjoy. George Barbour